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Today, some women are the driving forces within society. Women are leaders and role models who, now, hold the positions that many men hold. The role reversals have come with great responsibilities and women are no longer just staying home to care for their families.  Some women are top executives, CEO’s and strong leaders within their communities which can become interference in their day to day lives. We are, uniquely, qualified to support each other because we share some of the same experiences.  WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!

love money power tour 2018

Love Money Power Tour
Learn how to program your mind for success! We will tackle three of the most important aspects of your life… We are extremely excited to have Dr. Heavenly from the hit show Married to Medicine. Dr. Heavenly is also a Best Selling Author, as well as, A relationship Expert! If you have Relationship questions, Need Marriage advice or Tips on how to balance it all; she will definitely tell you the truth without holding anything back.
Our team of experts LaShawn Walls Brand Coach, Dr Shanequa Fleming Leadership Coach and Rahkia Anderson Self Love Coach will give you specific tools that will help you balance it all and ensure a path of Success.
You don’t want to miss this….I promise it will be spectacular. Girl Talk Global is not an event. It’s a movement that empowers women to reach their full potential!
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“I am obsessed with seeing women encourage, support and empower other women. We need more of it. We live in a society that wants to put women against each other. It is my personal mission to kill that narrative. Women supporting each other instead of competing brings a unity and strength like no other”.

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